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of technology to sit in on the group. >> it might be worth while to let them know. >> good. >> okay. >> actually, additional state quarter meetings are going to be held subsequently and they will be involved in the testing and review and feedback of the citizen portal so that is going to occur. do you have any questions on this subject? >> good job. >> okay. >> keep it moving. >> yeah. this is going to go ahead and talk about the technology project. >> yeah. >> so the several of them that are critical but the most critical one is the infrastructure refresh which is the improvement. the proposal was submitted two years ago to the college, which of the committee and information technology to revamp our service this is about 7 years old. and we started this process two years ago, the city export and the city on committee of technology over sees the technology projects in the city and they do and were pushing for consolidation, as a result of that, actually, we were approved to go ahead and do the refresh of the infrastructure in conjunction with the planning department as well as the human services
that we have read, that technology and the enhanced use of auto maition and technology have been a recurring theme for the department of building and inspection and i didn't see any emphasis and there was no mention of that in terms of the budget or at least not with any emphasis, i also note having red last year's grand jury report that the city has a very, very poor track record of implementing technology and yet, it seems to have been established that you know, hand held devices in the field, and better coordination of records from different departments that there are a wide variety of ways that technology could improve the efficiency of the staff, and the customer service, if you will. so i wondered, where that is in the budget, and what safe guards that the technology could be properly implemented. >> thank you. >> hi, again, robert, i was just wondering about the comments of the open notices of violation. and my question is how are the down stream effects not relevant? the permits that are applied for the inspection fees, the reinspection fees? i mean, if you look at the ja
who live there and using technology do it and so but think about all of the townhall meetings in the past where we try to engage citizen for meetings a lot of time they are sparsely attainable tended people have commits to work on whether it's working or taking kids to soccer but this project is a revolutionary idea in that it's combining the meetings on the ground with people there and engaging technology so people are putting their feedback online and real-time with the community members that are not in attendance might be thinkings and after meetings we are able to have people see and improve their ideas on neighborhood in addition, to having big posters directly on site in a location and it has been a tremendous effort to watch the community come together on it and a lot of times, people think of the sunset and how quiet and sleepy the evident is and i have to say this effort has rejuvenated the area and gotten a lot of people involved in it and so we are pleased po to be here and honor the people in it and so daniel is homesick so he is not here to say how proud he is on
and revitalizing what was discussed prior and getting information and the technology that has changed and understand what the current technologies are so we know how to go forward in a more efficient manner -- >> i'm not sure about media alliance. i think they restructured dramatically and not as much staff in the past. it's worth exploring. what is the name of the other group. >> the institute of self reliance. it's based in new york or washington dc. they seem to have a lot of staff and the person that did the report is no longer there but the title is still there so there is something doing that work that work there is. >> okay. and you mentioned black fiber as well. could you explain black fiber? >> my knowledge is limited -- >> black fiber. >> dark fiber. black fiber. i heard it two ways. there are fiber optics that the city owns and controls and not utilize and there are quarters it does exist and how do we utilize that to helplet folks. >> municipally owned fiber. >> yes correct. some is used by the city but there is excess as i understand and the other item brought t
in the last -- in the last several years. additionally, we have inadequate information system technology staffing. we have all 34.75 positions, only one information systems technology business analyst. that's [speaker not understood]. you've met him at presentations of the annual report, and he is responsible for an incredible number of things. from the hardware, that is, when we replace our pcs or our laptopses, he is the one who installs them. and it is not a simple installation because we have databases that he has to install and customize on computers. in addition to that, he's responsible for creating databases, amending them, tweaking them for interfacing with our consultants such as the project that we have for online complaint filing. he's responsible for our server maintenance and the like. and, so, what i am proposing in staffing is an additional attorney and a new position which is an information systems business analyst assistant. i've talked about the occ's aging cars and how no matter what, they must be retired in 2015. and we use the cars in this case. our chief investigat
the future holds for us? >> some of these things are technology, and some of these things are executive action and some of these things are legislation, the technology is in california, there is a law that says, that all guns manufactured in the state of california have to engage in microstamping, that is a method in which the gun itself leaves a mark on the casing from which the bullet is fired. it is the hammer that strikes the primer and the chamber that the bullets is in when it leaves the gun. it is not enacted at the moment, it is a law, it has to do with the patent and with the technology and so some people will argue about the pros and cons of that. but it just would create evidence that would assist in identifying what gunfired, what round. it would also apply to revolvers. as far as present obama's proposals, he made them this month. some are executive actions and some he is calling for legislation. but he too is requiring asking for criminal background checks for all gun sales and he was going to address that by removing some barriers in health laws that prevent some states f
technologies we're developing techniques will will save lives. to our market district we're providing the world with tools to live in the chewing print with 3-d or even topple dock - we're fashioned our food that bears the label of san francisco. a stamp yes. a stamp and mark of craft manship by consumers all around the world where we've got 26 cranes our own residents back on the work building san francisco with their skills and a whole lot of heart. and very soon a spectacular for a world-class concerts and event we've got a great stadium. our unemployment rate is down to 6.5 percent from 9.6 when i first took office that means thirty thousand more san franciscans back to work today. nearly 11 million square feet of office space was leased last year. we've got the first new commercial high-rise officials building breaking ground this spring were we passed the business tax reform and bonds to renew our parks and open spaces. for the first time we've got to balanced budget. our budget resources are growing. this summer we welcomed the first north cup race. our beloved giant swept the world ser
agree that technology, expediting our kids earlier with the expectation for college and seth them to in our economies is the keys key to success and we're making progress. san francisco unified continues to be the hive urban development are high. we've seen double digit high-grades among our latin and africa kids >> results are being recognized for our achievement we received a federal grab the to bring job training in our mission neighborhood. the supervisor knows about this. these gains are possible because reforms are underway the partnership are in place. for our kids to succeed in this economy we must do more. that's why this year i will propose in my budgeted more resources more than $50,000,000,000 and $25 million for preschool activities. i view education as an be investment not an expense. the folk in the road for many kids and many families the point at which they decide they're though stay in san francisco or leave. you're going to hear me talking about this layoff a lot this year. i want our middle squirrels to courthousess choose the road to success notes the road th
system and our technology community to the table. i'm also thankful that commissioner wen eras agreed to meet with us on this opportunity. we'll maintain the condition of our streets and we'll make municipal transportation systems in this city work the way they want to work. don't get close to our municipal syst system that some folks may say. we cannot let politics be our guide. paris london and england has great transportation systems but look at san francisco. achieving a world class transportation system is a journey forward not a december nation but let's approach our transportation challenges the san francisco way once again through consensus and common and let's us take up the hard work and take the first part of the journey now. an equal exchange is the availability of housing yes. in spite of all we're doing for every of every income especially low income families. i know smob about this topic i'll fought to get this under control from my long hair days. we cannot defy the cost of living in our town. we haven't built enough new housing. last year, we began to make some progre
technology up to modern standards, providing a lot of enhancement that improve safety, reliability and customer convenience. paratransit continues to be successful, improving cost efficiency; you significant item for prop k. this slide has way too much. these are the smaller projects; prop k has money for curve walks, pedestrian signals, the major feature of the sales tax program. i have the audit on the agenda. congratulations to cynthia and the board; we continue to have a good credit rating. we have not had to issue bonds but we are prepared to that. we have negotiated a letter of credit; there is a significant cost savings, just under 1 million dollars a year that are now available for projects. we have had a big office move; congratulations to cynthia and her staff. if you have not looked at the window recently it is converted to residential use. last but not least i want to reiterate what jose luis and the chair have said about the leadership of the board; and more more about the public and private partners. a huge thanks to the wonderful staff past and present and our i
technologies as far as recommendation in his our reports to you, what we are recommending to you is essentially a modification of the curt program not any kind of a profound change would evolve from that program primary lie the hetch hetchy power in the motion denied destoe contract currently being sold on the market we are recommending an acceleration of local build out which we will get into in some detail and then we are recommending a change in strategies in terms of renewable credits and cost rex that you are currently using otherwise the changes that we are recommending do not change the program it would involve internal modification within the program in terms of agency in terms of how you allocate resource and planning budgeting and staffing. we have leek looking at 78 that you saw customer enrollment target and the 20 megawatt target that is the lower ranges of the current range that you have currently and it involves 1800 watts of hetch hetchy problem and it would dilute the price premiums for phase one and set in place a program that is consistent with the build out goals of the pro
and with the diligent work of information technology and business analyst chris, was significantly improved our website. and continues to be a vital, out reach tool for us. and we have posted on the website, commonly asked questions and answers about the occs and we have a calendar of public out reach activity and our annual and quarterly reports to the police commission, our community out reach plan, informational prosures in english, and other languages. and our medation brochure in the top five targeted languages. the police commission hearing notice and 40 locations through san francisco where occ complaint forms can be obtained. for several years budgetary constraints have gotten in the way of on-line complaint filing but i am happy to report that is well under way. on-line complaint filing the development thereof. and we anticipate that we will be able to go live by the second quarter of this year. by june 30th. >> finally to the 2013, out reach goals and we will provide the services, and here in community members policy concerns and enhancing community pat ner ships. to more effectively reach la
money from parking meter because of our new technology. to offset the increase in revenue of $6 1 million we saw an increase in expenditures of $54 million and mostly in the personnel services and repairs and maintenance cost line items. so we change our from $7 million in the prior year. here is a picture of our bloat, which gives you a sense of our assets and liabilities. our assets went up $225 million from the prior year. the majority of it is in higher revenues and investment of capital assets. we shows decreases because debt service were decreased because as you know we resised es reissued debt. we had increases in other postemployment benefit, and our liabilities went up. so the full financial picture is much better. unless you have any specific questions for me, i would like to turn it over to the kpmg auditor, who led the audit. tiffany. . >> [tkpwao-frpl/], >> good afternoon, i will be very short. i have been doing this for 12 years now and on the audit everything went extremely smoothly. there was an unqualified audit opinion and the single audit, will be completed
, there aren't technology companies willing to give us free access to internet service is, in my opinion, really almost criminal. because do you think twitter could put out a free wi-fi signal for south of market or for the tenderloin or for place where's there is a lot of low-income people who use services? who could make appointments online and search for health information? so in many opinion. that one thing of getting internet service into low-income communities, where you could get certainly used computers, very inexpensively. i have an older computer, but it's connected to the internet. and quite frankly, right now, i can't afford on my income to have regular internet service. so it requires me draging it to a cafe or somewhere, which does have internet service. why can't the mayor, who is going around to each one of these internet service companies why can't they get together and provide us in the low-income neighborhoods, which they are getting huge tax breaks on, internet service? that would be a huge benefit to me and i'm sure it would be a huge benefit to a lot of other peopl
of san francisco is using the most innovative technology available. these devices allow people to remain out in their communities, doing things like shopping. it is great to be able to walk as a pedestrian in this city and cross streets safely. >> good evening and welcome to the regular meeting of the san francisco ethics commission. we'll begin by take the roll. commissioner studley. >> thank you all. here. >> commissioner hayon? >> here. >> commissioner hur? >> here? >> commissioner liu? >> here. >> all members being present, first item on the agenda is public comment on matters appearing or not appearing on matters of the ethics commission. >> good afternoon, commissioners and of course, stop the corporate rate of the public library and don't accept money from the friends of the library. you may remember that rights were violated on june 4th, 2009. you made a finding that she was guilty of official misconduct and made a reference to the mayor that the mayor should consider terminating her appointment on july 12th, 2011. you followed up with a direct request to the mayor, th
outstanding fees, fines, forms out. and i wanted to note on page 4 the technology upgrades. i would like to thank steven massey, it director, as much as possible, because he is
wonderful to be a part of this lovely group and their technology was amazing to us. we made a promise at the end of november that we would get it finished by the pd of christmas and we kept that props. so, carmen chiu that you so much for your support and all of your work with us and to daniel who also carries this dream with him, we thank you very much. (applause) . . >> that concludes our accommodations for today madame clerk why don't we go to general public comment. >> now is the opportunity for the public to comment generally within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board including those at some times on the media dopings calendar please note that public comment have not allowed on those comment which have already been subject to comment in a public committee and speakers needing translation will be allowed twice the time to testify and remove the document when the screen returns to the live cognitive rage raj of the meeting. >> thank you let's hear from the first speaker >>> i want to welcome a new supervisors. you will find that being sworn in it only takes a mom
are using technology to our advantage and we were able to track the stolen phone from the victim and ap-prehend the individuals who are responsible for 6 robberies and looking into ten additionals. i think that i am optimistic that we can close a lot more of these robberies. >> and do you in terms of who is actually doing these robberies, i am sure that it is a mix. but in terms of a sort of random people who just want money. as opposed to organized, robbery rings, can you comment on who actually is doing these crimes? >> i have not seen it being any organized ring, it is just groups of individuals who see the opportunity or they decide to go on the spree and to decide to start to stealing these phones. >> in terms of then sort of the resale market you mentioned that the department does buy bus on the stolen phones, in terms of a level of organization of where of the market for these stolen phones. i know that i read in the paper that there are some locations where people just offer them on the street. but are there sort of organized resale rings or organizations. they end up everywhere
and we are in the early stages of talking with the cell phone industry to work to discuss technology and ways that we can make this a much less attractive option in terms of theft. we have commitment from at&t in california, specifically but we are trying to gather the other cell phone operations companies to work with us to at least make these phones inoperatable and therefore not valuable on the street level. i would note that sfpd did the operation in terms of a defensing operation, supervisor campos you talked about the operation serng a large scale operation where much of the property seized was electronic including cell phones, pdas and tablets so that i think we are working very closely with them to make sure that the people that we catch who are responsible for these crimes are held accountable and take responsibility for it. >> thank you, miss wu. >> colleagues, are there any more? >> i was just going to ask a similar question with ethic and demographic data on victims and perpetrators that you have. is there any age or ethnicity that you see of perpetrators are victims? >>
machine technology and perhaps the interest on the deposit, [speaker not understood], you can bore the same tunnel or more. so, just in summary, i think that -- i think the central subway should not be making its appearance in north beach until there is a station proposed for the hearing. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> mark bruno is the last person to turn in a speaker card. >> good afternoon, mr. bruno. >>> thank you for allowing all of us to speak today. i want to particularly thank director reiskin and the entire board for taking the time at the last meeting and today and in between, of course, to negotiate with the pagoda palace owners to try to find a pollution and a place that makes sense to extract the tbms. as you know, i'm involved in a lawsuit. and in the lawsuit it's been funded, this lawsuit, but almost 30 businesses in san francisco that are in north beach. all of those own businesses, [speaker not understood] depositions in the lawsuit as to the extraction itself, when it was originally planned for columbus and union would cause tremendous disturban
or recivilianization effort, the new building, the public safety building, our technology initiatives that we're seeking funding for and other capital improvement projects and vehicles which is the major push for our budget this year. as you may recall, last year we presented and the board voted on a two-year budget. so, that's our budget is pretty much set. we're just sort of tweaking things that have come up. in addition, in the current year the mayor's office asked us to cut $1.5 million off of our base budget and we were able to do that with revenue solutions and some expenditure adjustments which did not impact operations or staffing. so, as you can see, our budget for next year, this is our revenue. and as you can see, most of our revenue comes from general fund, city support. state revenue on the 41 million is prop 172 public safety tax. our federal revenue is actually primarily the money that we get from the housing authority to provide the additional service there. it's hud money. the airport of course pays for all their services. other departments pay for our services. and then [spe
as they begin to upgrade existing infrastructure in order to keep up with demands of new technology such as installing 4g networks and increased data usage we're seeing. all of this requires an additional investment to their existing equipment and the cellular extension will help them to better amortize these increase in costs. total rent over the initial five-year term for existing four leases is $8 million and if approved, the total amount to be paid to the city by the cellular companies, including the extension years, will be $15,875,000. the budget analyst office does recommend approval and i would be happy to answer any questions that you have. >> thank you very much. why don't we go to the budget analyst report. >> madam chair and supervisor avalos, as shown on table 2 on page 4 of our report, the rent as negotiated by the airport for this -- for the proposed -- and the proposed lessees for the three five-year cellular service site equipment leases would result in total revenues to the airport of $7,875,000, that's over the five-year term. we recommend that you do approve thes
, business and contracts office, their information technology management system. [speaker not understood] client relations. there is a client interaction area of the billion which involves a pharmacy, addiction treatment, behavioral health, and substance abuse prevention. so, we've been leasing portions of this site since 1988 fairly recently increased the site footprint to include the whole building. the current rent has been flat, unchanged since 2006. the rent for the first six months will be $17.25 per square foot per year as the base rate. that's a 1.4% increase from the current rent. the rent increases to $19.75 square foot per year after that first six month year period. that sounds like a lot, but keep in mind this current rate that we're in today has been fixed for the last five years. so, when we have an adjustment to market rate, we expect a jump at that point. and here it is. this term of 19.75 a square foot per year is fixed for the remainder 4-1/2 years of this second and final five-year option period. to give you a sense of the comparables of the marketplace, if we can go
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 53 (some duplicates have been removed)